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Q: We are awkward in front of the camera, will you tell us what to do?

A:  You bet! I always help with posing. I occasionally act a fool to get some good laughs. I also love to give you activities to do so you forget I am around. 

Q: We don't know what to wear. Do you help with that?

A: Of course.  Ultimately, you want to wear what you want to portray in your photos and what you are comfortable in.  We'll talk about your style and I can give you some guidance on attire. I also have some great cheat sheets for families that help with color palettes and prints. 

Q: Do we get all the photos? 

A: Yep. I edit all viable images and download rights are included in all my family, portrait, engagement and wedding packages. 

Q: How do we access the photos?

A: You will receive a password protected gallery link. From there you can view, download, create favorites lists and order prints through my professional printer.  

Q: What if your camera breaks?

A:  Not to worry. I have back-ups to my back-ups.  For family sessions, I always have 2 cameras.  For weddings, I have 3.  Multiple lenses and some back-ups for those too! 

Q: Are you insured?

A:  You bet I am! My business has been covered since the beginning. #responsiblebusinessowner

Q:  What if you are sick on our event date?

A:  For family or engagement sessions, I may ask to reschedule.  Wedding, obviously that is not an option. In case of emergency, I have a short list of amazing photographers that have a similar style to me that I would connect you with to take over for the event. I would share all notes and timelines we have discussed so they are prepared.  I am well connected in the photography community and have no doubt I can find you an amazing replacement. 

Q: How long does it take to get photos back?

A: Most family and engagement sessions turn around time is 3 weeks maximum.  Weddings run about 6-8 weeks.  


Q: What is required to book?

A:  I require a deposit to hold the date as well as a signed contract.  For family or portrait sessions, the deposit is $100.  For weddings, it is 1/4 of the total cost with a payment plan against the balance. 



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