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Fall Passion Project Realized

As I continue to grow my technical capabilities in photography, it is also extremely important to work towards finding my voice. Foster those opportunities to generate something truly mine. Keep my eyes open for those situations and create images that represent me, my style, my passions.

Sometimes it feels like a pipe-dream to carve out time for passion projects. Between a full time job, tending to my business and spending time with my husband, pup, friends and family… my head spins sometimes.

Luckily, I have some generous friends and connections in my life that are amazingly supportive of me, my voice, my passions. Emily is one of those people.

Emily gifted me an entire Saturday to dress her up, drag her to a construction site, the woods, climb waterfalls and trees… all in the name of allowing me to capture the images I wanted to create. I cannot thank her enough! I am looking forward to returning the favor!

We definitely captured some stunners. #limitedtwo4eva

Another huge thank you to Jess Andersen at Stemming from Love for her perfect floral handy work. Her flower crown and flower belt added some magical detail. @stemmingfromlove

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