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Hands off my cake!

In typical Amy fashion, my dear friend started plotting her daughter's cake smash photo shoot 3 months ahead (slight exaggeration). We landed on a clean, uncluttered look so little Emery could go to town on her cake. Amy found the most adorable outfits and hair pieces for the final touches.

Emery was really working the camera in some of her solo portraits but got a little testy when big brother tried to steal the spotlight. Two outfit changes, no wardrobe malfunctions, one minor meltdown after tolerating lots of unsolicited attention and nap time around the corner... the birthday girl was rewarded with her delicious handmade cake.

After a slow start, Emery eventually dug in and took no prisoners! Happy birthday little lady!

Cake: Mom-made with the help of Miss Jones

Wardrobe: Baby Gap

Hair: Miss Jessie's Leave in Condish

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