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I LOVE, Love, love, LOVE Italy!

My husband and I finally had a chance to slow down and take our 5 year anniversary trip. We spent time in three cities - Rome, Siena and La Spezia. The entire trip was eye-candy for me. I did my best to not constantly take photos and make sure I was present (Hubby says I did pretty good). All I have to say is, good thing we walked a lot because we ate like royalty! The Italians know how to bring people together and it ALWAYS involved food and wine. XO

Rome. The beautiful people. The history. The grandeur of it all. It was absolutely incredible walking through the city streets and literally running into structures that are thousands of years old. It's insane to me.

Next stop was Siena, where we really slowed things down. We spent so much time walking and eating and drinking wine and simply taking in the easy lifestyle.

Matt and I spent an afternoon in Florence taking part of an in-home cooking class. We befriended 2 fantastic chefs, created some delicious food and good conversation. I felt like a local... I was with my people haha!

Our second day in Siena was spent driving the Brunello di Montalcino wine region. Our tour guide was so lovely. She educated us on all things Siena and the regional history. We even spent some time walking through the town for which all Brunello harvests are judged. Needless to say, I have a new favorite red wine.

Last Stop! La Spezia and Cinque Terre. Probably my favorite. A mini San Francisco with Italian swagger. We did a ton of hiking along the Cinque Terre trails and navigated the local fresh market to make our own seafood dinner. The views, food and local white wine... magical.

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