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Chicago Boudoir // HH at Inspired Eye Studio

HH has a story to tell. She has gone through some serious life changes and was ready to celebrate how she came out on the other side. She's one of those people that truly represents turning lemons into lemonade. Her spirit, smile and positivity cannot be broken.

We had the most amazing time in the studio this past January getting to know each, sharing stories of body image struggles and joking about our killer dance moves. The session went by so quickly with some many memorable moments that left us both giddy. I couldn't wait to get to get HH's proofs back to her. There were obviously tears for us both....

Review from HH:

Where does one even begin when trying to put into words how simply creative, passionate, and professional Sarah is with her photography!? After struggling with body images for so long and then finally getting to a place where I felt comfortable, not only did I want to do a boudoir for myself to see my accomplishments, but I wanted to give something to my amazing love who has been nothing but supportive towards me. My cousin had shared posts about her work with Sarah before so I figured why not reach out to her - let me tell you... I AM SO BEYOND HAPPY I DID!!! Sarah was extremely helpful in so many ways from providing information to working within my budget. I am forever grateful! Come time for the photography shoot, itself, I cannot deny I felt a little nervous, but Sarah was hilarious and helped me feel right at home! Even when she let me see a sneak peak, I just knew she was the right choice. As soon as I got the email my photos were ready, I ran to my computer and joyously cried. The angles, the lighting, the poses, EVERYTHING - Sarah captured sides of me that I didn't even existed. If you're looking for someone who not only is a goddess herself but can show women the true goddesses they are, Sarah is your girl. I will recommend her time and time again! HH

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