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Meep Mop Moop

... don't know what that means? Me neither! But it means something very special to an adorable couple. Jess booked me for her boudoir session a few months back with the intent of us work together to create a one of a kind wedding gift for her future husband -- a book entitled Meep Mop Moop.

I was so excited to work with her! Jess is one of my favorite local florists. She has styled me well for several shoots and is extremely sweet and talented. I was more than happy to help her with this and appreciated that she trusted me to do her right!

Jess and I worked closely to select her lingerie options. I found the right hotel space that gave us the look she was going for. After a few breathing exercises, working on our spirit fingers and me acting like an ass, you could feel the awkwardness step out of the room. I showed Jess a few "back of the camera" images as we worked between poses. She was stunned at how amazing she looked and her quirky confidence started to take over the session.

The day of Jess and Zach's wedding in New Orleans, they exchanged gifts. Needless to say, he loved it. I heard there were a lot of "wows" and shocked, speechless looks. Congrats Zach. You have a stunning and thoughtful wife!

Thanks to J2 Makeup Design for dolling up my girl!

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