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What is your Boudoir Style?

After going through my own personal boudoir experience recently and thinking about the struggles I had in figuring out who to work with and what my wardrobe should be. I wanted to create a blog to help give others guidance on things to consider.

Finding the perfect balance between style, images that speak to you and your personality is extremely important. Look, we all want to be the sexy siren that wears crazy strappy lingerie but not all of us can really pull it off. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! You can look just as incredible with a t-shirt and leg warmers.

What makes you feel confident? A cozy sweater and cotton panties? Black lace? Nothing? If you are comfortable and confident, your sexy will shine through. For me, an old t-shirt and glasses. It's like my Wonder Woman outfit. That's me and I own it.

Here are some fun styles to consider when thinking about what fits YOU best!

A Classic Kinda Girl: Light, playful and sultry

Dark and Mysterious: leveraging light or lack there of to contour your curves

Cozy and Covered... kinda :): mixing comfy and sexy

Vintage: both in posing, studio and wardrobe

Couture: a mix of fashion and art

ME :) xoxo

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