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Something a little PG-13

Over the last several months, I have been considering branching out into Boudoir photography more seriously. I have dabbled here and there. This is a delicate style to shoot for several reasons... One, it is very different from my base business of weddings and families. Two, you need to know your stuff in terms of posing to flatter EVERY client. Three, lighting. Four, Lighting. Five, did I mention posing? Six, the challenge of being creative and consistent (oxymoron??) while having unique style for each sessions.

I had the honor of working with some fantastic people and yes... models and other boudoir photographers at a photography conference several weeks ago. Between working through posing, watching others give directly, letting the models do their model-thing and soaking in all the ways to leverage the light, I couldn't have been happier with the experience and images I created.

I have since sent most the images back to each person and the response has been really positive. It gave me to courage to dive into something new and give this boudoir thing a whirl. I booked a session for after the conference and while we were working, I showed the client a few "back of the camera" images to help ease the awkwardness. The best compliment ever, "WOW! Is that me?!"

...I think I might be on to something. Here are some images from my conference. Enjoy!

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