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Carolyn + Will's Wedding // Western Springs, IL

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

When you know, you know. Carolyn knew as soon as she locked her eyes on that tall drink of water, we lovingly know as Will... they needed to hang out. They were working together at the time and Carolyn made the first move. As they hung out and talked more, they fell in love.

Both are super caring, highly connected with family, friends and their faith. They love to check out local festivals, wander every mall in Illinois and bing on the Walking Dead together. Carolyn is certainly more extroverted and her smile is infectious, but you get some good tunes on and LOOK OUT!! Will is coming for ya! Capturing the two of them boogie down at their wedding was perfection!

Will & Carolyn couldn't have asked for a nicer June day to get married. Great weather, great family & friends in the wedding party and great smiles all day long. I did learn a few things while spending the day with the crew....

1. Carolyn's older brothers still feel weird when they see their little sister and Will kiss.

2. Making fun of Carolyn's "Jimmy John's breath" makes everyone laugh

3. Adult men still need mom's help to put on their ties

4. Will is STILL super tall and I should have worn heels haha

5. Will has got some serious dance moves

6. Kate Spade needs to make a more comfortable wedding heel -- glad you got to change shoes Carolyn!

7. Carolyn's baby sis is an amazing singer, just had a baby & is killin it!

8. I know the jobs of all the groomsmen (I cheated because they had personalized socks)

9. Carolyn can wear the crap out of a flower crown!

10. The two of them are surrounded by caring people that will support them through anything.

Congrats Will & Carolyn. It was a pleasure capturing your day! XO



Bridesmaids Gowns: Azazie

Reception Venue: William Tell Banquet

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