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Chicago Summer Engagement // Rebecca & Maggie

Whether it is warm-up "shots", cute snuggles, piggy back rides or poppin' bottles during your session, I've got you covered! Rebecca and Maggie did all the above and more!

What a blast these two were! We spent a lovely evening together. I got to meet their cool cat, Rio and tour their adorable neighborhood while capturing some memorable moments for them. We desperately tried to get over to the waterfront by Shedd Aquarium where Maggie proposed to Rebecca to pop some champagne. Unfortunately we were met up a little police resistance and weren't really up for playing Frogger across Columbus Dr. We made due in some of the beautiful south end parks.

Like what you see? Drop me a line. Enjoy!!

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1 Comment

Katherine Jensen
Aug 07, 2020

Omg!!! What a beautiful couple and some awesome photos.

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