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Destination Chicago! Martina and Patrick's Wedding

The places we find love...

Martina and Patrick grew up about 400 miles apart in Sweden. Martina to the north and Patrick in the south. Both found themselves attending the oldest university in Sweden - Uppsala University to study law within a year of each other. That is where they first met but that isn't where their love story began.

It wasn't until they both traveled 4350 miles in 2009 to Illinois for an exchange student program at Illinois State University where something sparked...more like fireworks went off. The two love birds finished their studies at ISU and moved back to Huddinge, Sweden to start their life together. Now, granted, I only have a snapshot of time with them in their 7 year love affair but WOW. The way Patrick looks at Martina, the way Martina laughs and smiles at Patrick, it is magic. I found myself smiling behind the camera all day long.

Lucky me! Martina and Patrick decided to come back to where it all started and have a destination wedding with their closet family and friends in Chicago. From afar, they planned a beautiful, intimate day (really week) for the 18 people that made the 4350 mile journey to Chicago to celebrate their marriage.

The family started their day at the Loews Hotel downtown. Hair and Make-up in the room while sneaking a few bites of food and sips of champagne. Then the dress. Simple, elegant, perfect. Before gathering the groom and heading to Milton Lee Oliver Park to take photos of the bridal party, I introduced the couple to an American trend, the dress reveal. Adorable. It only got better as the day progressed.

On to the unique and lovely ceremony location -- Lightology's rooftop. A lighting showroom nestled downtown with a beautiful garden setting among skyscrapers. And then a real skyscraper, for the reception -- The Hancock Building, 95 floors up in The Signature Room. The views could not have been any better... and then the sun started to set. Talk about a golden hour #photographersdream

Martina and Patrick introduced me to a few Swedish traditions throughout the day. My favorite being the various speeches by family and friends throughout dinner. Although I couldn't understand them, as most were in Swedish, there were lots of laughs, a couple tears and many hugs. There were so many memories and enormous amounts of love floating around that room.

Flowers: Stemming From Love @stemmingfromlove

Hair and Make-up: Daniela Kosta

Cake: Alliance Bakery

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