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Kaufman-Fisher Wedding Basking Ridge, NJ

Lauren has always been one of those people that you know will be in your life forever. Her goofy personality, relentless loyalty and ability to make you feel like you always have 120% of her attention are just a few reasons I love this girl. So when she started dating this Ken guy/future fiancé/future husband, I was very interested in meeting him. Unfortunately, our paths didn’t cross for a few years into their relationship. Fortunately, with Lauren living on the east coast, she was able to socialize Ken with some of our Pittsburgh crew. Ken was read the riot act from some of our other friends… you know the one… “you hurt her and we’ll hurt you”… so it wasn’t necessary from me. He knows she is important to us.

When I did finally get the chance to spend some time with the happy couple, I captured a few observations:

  • Ken is an excellent cook and thie two really share that passion

  • Ken’s level of sarcasm surpasses mine (very high)

  • Lauren’s smile was bigger than I remember

  • Lauren must really love this guy if she is willing to live with his 2 cats (serious allergies)

  • Lauren found her match in more ways than 1

  • Ken really love Lauren for who she is. The nerd flag flies high and I love it so much!!

  • I am so happy that she is so happy

So, fast forward to the wedding… I am pretty sure Lauren and Ken’s biggest worry was that everyone was having a great time and had plenty to eat and drink. They couldn’t wait to get the party started! I literally had to slow Lauren down a few times while she walked to meet Ken for their first look, so I could get into position.

Lauren and Ken’s Jew-“ish” wedding had a lovely mix of traditions with a twist. From the 7 Blessings that were made relevant to the Bride and Groom, breaking the glass under the beautifully decorated Chuppah to the signing the Ketubah that was filled with words hand selected by the bride and groom, it couldn’t have been more special and most importantly, Lauren and Ken.

The special details continued to thread throughout the night with an AMAZING spread of unique foods, decorations, center pieces with LED purple lights designed by the groom and a Star Wars cake topper. So cute!!

I couldn’t have been more honored to cover the event and help capture some of the great moments that unfolded during the day. Potato bar, fantastic speeches, dance floor antics and flowers "everywhere".

XO Lauren and Ken. May the force be with you!

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