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5 Years of Lovin

Well, almost.... My brother and sister-in-law will be celebrating 5 years married this fall. We unfortunately don't get to all be together that often, so we try to have as much fun while we can. During their visit this week we went kayaking on the Fox River, played yard game Olympics (Can-Jam, Croquet, boccie, big jenga and badminton), western burbs brewery tour and squeezed in a 20min photoshoot.

I totally guilted my brother into it. I needed a cute couple try out some new "posing" tactics. He begrudgingly obliged and eventually had some fun.

"Drew. Stand behind Katy and interlock your fingers with hers. You are the puppet master."

"Ugh. ok...."

"Now act like you are a dinosaur from Jurassic Park."

Poor Katy got to play both a T-Rex and Brontosaurus and almost lost an eye. Pretty cute images though!

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