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Cleveland Wedding // Erika and Kevin: An Adventurous Couple Tie the Knot

Depending on who you ask, you might get two different answers on how they met. As I understand it, (from the bride) they are another happy couple brought together by online dating. Two Americans in Japan. Two adventurous people seeking a soulmate. Erika, a grade school teacher, on assignment in Machida, Japan. Kevin, a US Navy JAG based near by. Together they have climbed over a handful of mountains. REAL snow capped mountains, like Mt. Fuji. Covered hundreds miles on foot side-by-side and have had countless adventures together already!

Prelude to the wedding day: While driving with my husband from Chicago to Cleveland, I asked jokingly about the weather potentially being partly cloudy and 72F., because for a wedding photographer, a day like that in July is incredibly perfect and extremely rare. He looked at me funny, proceeded to check his phone and laughed. Yes. exactly that! Unicorn!

The morning of the wedding started with a bustle of ladies, hair and make-up artists, coffee, snacks, champagne and PBR. Later a bus ride with the girls to the church so our Bride could put on the dress and her final touches. A first look in the rafters of St. Paul Shrine and a quick portrait session with the couple before the ceremony inside the stunning church.

After having to coax a few smiles out of the groomsmen and lots of giggles out of the bridesmaids, we wrapped up all the bridal party photos just in time to catch the end of the rooftop cocktail hour at the Ariel International Center. What a venue! In the reception space, windows everywhere, views of the city, lake and sunset all around.

The couple danced their first dance to "love and marriage" and cut their cake with a sword.. well their second slice and had a grand time enjoying their friends and family. They couldn't have asked for a better day. A July Unicorn. Perfect in every way!

Congrats Erika and Kevin! Enjoy married life and resettling back in the states!

Hair and Makeup: Niki Slapnicker and Co.

Cake: Baby Cakes Bakery, Cleveland Heights, OH


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