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Pittsburgh Wedding // Angie + Steve

When you think about the friends you make over the years. So many people come in and out of your life or one reason or another and others are just a permanent fixture. Angie, is one of those fixtures. We have been friends since kindergarten.... for real....

As long as I have known Angie, she has been a strong minded (sometimes stubborn), independent, successful, caring and funny lady. She always take care of business and doesn't take crap from anyone. I was so happy for her when she met Steve. He's the perfect support system for her and they complement each other quite well. Steve even gets to sneak in a little crap giving, once in a while. :)

Angie and Steve's wedding was a lovely tradition day that ended up having a few interesting twists. Of course on their wedding day, it poured down rain for about 98% of the day. They also had a little scare with a groomsman passing our during the ceremony due to overheating. Everyone was ok!

A beautiful mass held at The Bethlehem Lutheran Church, followed by a 30min break in the rain for some very quick bridal party portraits and bride and groom portraits at North Park. Then on to a lovely reception at The Hilton DoubleTree in Cranberry. A perfect cake cutting with cake being smashed in faces and revenge cake smearing kisses. Emotional dances with their parents and some adorable kiddos cuttin a rug!

So much love to the happy couple! Congrats Angie and Steve!

Jewelry: Handmade by Lisa Marie Kotchkey and Marie Walker

Bridesmaids Dress: Bill Levkoff

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