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The Haight, Elgin IL // Angela + Ciaran's Wedding

Envision all your fun, loud and hilarious Italian cousins meeting some charming, yet crazy Englishmen... You now have the perfect vision of what actually happened at Angela and Ciaran's Wedding. I had the pleasure of capturing all the good times, touching moments, wedding decor, British translations and of course the dancing.

The feeling of family could not be denied amongst friends, relatives and guests. It reminded me a lot of my own wedding. Friends helping us. Friends of the family helping us. A bunch of crazy Italians around. I was at home with Angela and Ciaran - they are so warm and inviting and it was hard not the want to capture every single smile.

Ang and Ciaran had a less than ideal fall day. It poured down rain most of day, so we didn't have a chance to escape the confines of The Haight. Luckily the venue is loaded with great furniture, twinkling lights and beautiful brick.

Venue: The Haight

Hair: Brittany Bolek Zazu Exchange

Florist & Decor: Town & Country Gardens

Videographer: Phillip Christopher

Signature Drinks: Drinks on Me

Catering: Cuisine America

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