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Midlane Country Club Wedding // Megan + Dan

It is always special to be able to work with your clients early on in their wedding adventure. I had the pleasure playing and planning with Megan and Dan for almost a year. By the time the big day rolled around, we were in sync and ready to have some fun.

Megan and Dan's wedding day was extraordinarily hot for late September and those mosquitos were looking to go out of season with full bellies! I honestly don't remember their portraits. I mean. I know they turned out great, but honestly, all I recall is running from spot to spot to escape the blood suckers! I had several bite marks and buzzing bugs to edit later. HAHA

Once back in the safety of the AC and closed doors, it was time for some adorable, tear jerking speeches from EVERYONE!! Megan's Dad sang a Billy Joel tune, Dan's Parent spoke while wagging a chicken leg and brothers and sisters talked about their happiness for these two.

We ended the night with sparklers, no burns and a couple more smiles and mosquito bites :)

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