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Naperville Riverwalk // Kathryn + Grant's Engagement

Kathryn and Grant are so awesome. I am so excited that they picked me to be part of their wedding process. First off, they are super smart and hard working peeps, which I love. Second, Kathryn went to school really close to where I grew up in PA and she's an east coaster (so we bonded). Thirdly, Grant is just cool.

Grant and Kathryn wanted a snow shoot -- boy did they get it + frigid temps! Total troopers. For our session, Kathryn we dead set on making us all some hot spiked beverage for the road. We made some Hot Toddies. She'd never made them before so we winged it. Kathryn thought they were terrible. I thought they were fine. Pretty much straight whiskey with some lemon and honey ahhaha.

We'll need to work on our recipe.

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