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It is Spring and LOVE is in the air!

Julia and Brian booked their fall 2017 wedding with me earlier this year and were really excited to get their spring engagement session on the books. With March weather being questionable at best, we somehow managed to get a warm, partly sunny, spring day between some heavy rain storms. We met at the entrance to Waterfall Glen in Willowbrook and started on our little journey to get to know each other and capture some fantastic images for them.

First off... these two are so cute! Second off... "they are really good at kissing" which made for some adorable images.

We made a few stops before hitting the waterfall (yes, there is a waterfall in the Chicago-land area). There is sometimes a crowd hanging out at the waterfall and this day was no exception. Julia and Brian were able to "perform" in front of an audience. They received many oouuuhhs and awwwwhhs, teenage girls giggling and people cheering them on as they did what they do best... kissed :)

I am really looking forward to their wedding this fall!

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