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Itasca Wedding // Ann + Yogen - A Wedding Experience Like No Other!

Ann and Yogen were planning their blended wedding event from Ohio with the help of family and friends. Ann and I hit it off over the phone right away. We had a good laugh about neither of us participating in and Indian Wedding before and we were both learning. Luckily (mostly for Ann) we had a great teacher in Yogen, who shared all the details and nuances that were important to his family.

I had all hands on deck for the big celebration. Sarah, of Sarah Crost Photography, Hannah, my trusted assistant and I started our days at 7am with lots of coffee, In a quiet conference room, the ladies were getting tied in their saris followed by a blessing with Yogen's mother. Outside the was sun was up, music was bumpin' and folks were dancing in the parking lot to celebrate the arrival of the groom on his white horse drawn carriage. Dance party #1. The street dancers quickly shuffled into the ceremony tent at The Schaumburg Marriott to sit in witness to the traditional Indian Ceremony. Act 1 complete.

Time to prepare for Act #2 - The Lutheran Ceremony at The Bethany Community Center. Ann's wedding gown was GORGEOUS! If I had a do-over, I would go with something like her (if I could pull it off). Lace, Chiffon, Flow and Comfort. And she of course looked stunning in it.

Ann and Yogen's bridal party was full of really close friends and siblings. There was a lot of energy and pozaz with this crew. They successfully "Monkey" walked, had canned "Blue Steel" looks ready and were all smiles! They were so nice, we got to do it twice!

The Itasca Country Club hosted Act #3 - the reception for these two. The space was stunning and the grounds were a photographer's dream. If you are looking for a golf course setting for your upcoming wedding, I highly recommend! The night was filled with hysterical speeches by the Maid of Honor and the Best MEN (yes - all of them), sweet dances with parents and some serious dance moves turned out by those same folks that were partying in the parking lot at 7am. PARTY ANIMALS.

Honestly. I don't know how I survived the 15 hour day. I really think it was all the positive vibes from everyone involved in the day. It was amazing and an experience I won't soon forget. Congrats Ann and Yogen. Honeymoon hard! You deserve it!!

FUN FACT: Ann and Yogen met playing intramural beach volleyball. She thought he was cute. He agreed and the rest was history! Joking - there's much more to the story, but it's always fun to know where people find love.

Itasca CC Florals - Flowers by Christine

Marriott Florals and Decor - Elegance decor

Wedding Gown - Weddings 826

Invitation Suite - Brittney Nichole designs

Catering Indian Luncheon - Saffron

Transportation - Windy City Limousine

Videographer-Our Wedding Movie

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