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West Loop Engagement // Britni + Ryan

It is hard to believe that my session with Britni and Ryan was only 2 short weeks ago. There were colorful leaves on the trees and it was somewhat nice out.... ugh. Winter is here. But we can check these out images and pretend it is still fall.

As Britni and Ryan start pulling their final wedding details together for their big day at The Hive. To celebrate we got together for a fun engagement session in their neighborhood. We spent the afternoon wandering around a few blocks in the West Loop near their apartment, stopping for shots at all the cool spots we could find. We chatted about how they met, their family fun, things they love to do together and joked about their nervousness to get in front of the camera. They may not "know how to pose but they direction well" hahaha!

I can't wait to cover the big day this summer!

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