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Chicago City Hall Wedding // Michelle + Krishna Elope in the Snow

Michelle and Krishna had a full 18 months of wedding celebrations ahead of them but they couldn't wait! They have a wedding with Michelle's family in Texas and a celebration with Krishna's family in India but they wanted something just for themselves. Insert a City Hall Wedding.

I met these two Saturday morning, bright and early before the City Hall doors were open. It was a blustery and flurry filled day. The line of lovely folks waiting to get married grew and we all huddled together for warmth and shared some jokes about needing some Hot Toddies to help with the weather.

Once in, the ceremony was a quick 5 min and then we were off into the cold again!

Miss Michelle rocked this adorable tea-length, open back dress for which I applauded her in this weather and immediately made her go to the Walgreen's across the street and buy some socks! I felt so guilty for being totally bundled up haha.

We wandered the streets of Chicago. In and out of buildings and Ubers to capture some authentic and magical images for these two loves. I was so impressed with their diligence in the snow and commitment to having fun!

Best of luck!!

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