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Chicago Cultural Center Proposal // Mike + Liz

When an old friend calls you out of the blue to coordinate capturing his surprise proposal.... of course you accept.

Open House weekend in Chicago allows free entry to some of the most breathe taking buildings in the city. Mike and Liz met up with me at The Chicago Cultural Center. Mike made up an elaborate story about how I wanted to come take photos with a new toy in the city, so it wasn't weird that we were hanging out and I brought some gear.

As we wondered the Cultural Center, I was keeping my eyes peeled for the best photographic spot. We even created a code phrase -- something about getting a smoothie haha. You could tell Mike was getting more nervous by the minute and that ring was burning a hole in his pocket.

After talking about drinking smoothies, I told them to go play in the mini-city and pretend they were Godzilla. aka go pull the trigger! And the magic happened.

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